6 ways online training programs are missing the mark

The rise and popularity in online learning since the COVID pandemic has been indisputable. With more than 90% of Australians feeling positive about a shift towards more online learning in the workplace, it is the future of learning.

However, not all online learning is created equal. But when done well, there are many benefits, including flexibility and around-the-clock access.

If you are looking for a superior online learning program, here are some common oversights to beware of.

  • Mistake #1: Not catering content to audience
    A one-size-fits-all, blanket approach without consideration to different types of industries, demographics, company size and maturity of approach is not going to benefit you, your organisation or employees.

    Remedy: We are proud that our accredited 4 week self-paced online Practitioner training is designed to cater for a diverse range of companies, big to small, including real-world case examples of what works on the ground.

  • Mistake #2: The content is too long and overwhelming
    Trawling through endless content often with unclear learning objectives, can be a bore and de-motivating when it comes to online courses.

    Remedy: Our online Practitioner training is broken up into bite-sized and easy-to-digest information, which keeps you motivated and on-track.

  • Mistake #3: Overcomplicating things
    Professional training shouldn’t be a monotonous, droning lecture, but it also shouldn’t be so flashy that people don’t pay attention to the content.

    Remedy: Simplicity, with a dash of fun, makes our online Practitioner training easy to follow and keeps students motivated and inspired until the end.

  • Mistake #4: Not enough recaps, feedback or follow up
    The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve tells us that unless information is reinforced and repeated, we forget 75% of what we learn in one week. That’s a lot of training dollars down the drain!

    Remedy: Our online Practitioner training includes weekly Webcasts to help you extend key learnings, including practical activities with other students, and Q&A with our expert facilitators. Plus, benefit from a 1-on-1 mentoring session following the course to help keep you accountable and embed key learnings.

  • Mistake #5: Forgetting about practical application
    Many courses lack realistic real-world application, including simulations, scenarios, case studies and other immersive activities that facilitate experiential learning.

    Remedy: Not inside the Practitioner training! In fact, this is one of the key benefits that sets our program apart from others, with memorable takeaways for students, together with a practical assessment that can be applied in the field.

  • Mistake #6 Not incorporating peer-based learning and support
    Online learning can be lonely. Many courses do not offer the opportunity for peer interaction and connection, which is a large part of a student’s success.

    Remedy: Our online Practitioner training incorporates opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions and collective learning through its live weekly webcasts, together with an opportunity to continue as part of a global tribe in our The Hub community.

Online Practitioner program starts March 8, 2021

Our 4 week self-paced online Practitioner training moves beyond a simple ‘one and done’ approach and is packed with engaging content and support.

What’s included?

  • pre-course onboarding module
  • 6 core modules completed over 4 weeks including virtual presentations, MP3 versions, and editable workbook
  • weekly interactive webinars led by expert facilitators
  • unlimited support during the course via email or telephone
  • practical assessment and nationally recognised unit of competency for managing staff wellness programs (BSBLED502) delivered by Wellness Designs on behalf of Australasian Leadership Academy (RTO Code 41012)

Plus, following the course, you’ll also benefit from:

  • initial 2 months free access to our online knowledge centre – The Hub – which includes the essential tools, resources and support you need to execute your strategy (value $98+GST)
  • post-course virtual mentoring session (1 hour)

I look forward to seeing you inside the training. To find out more, click here.