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We are a passionate and innovative team of wellness warriors working with employees, managers, leaders and organisations to make sure you and your workplace are healthy, well and wise!

So you can truly meet your full potential and have the strategies to harness the power of wellness at work, it is our intention to make sure you are educated, supported and inspired to foster a healthy workplace that leads to a reduction in absentee days, increased productivity and a team who give more.

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Katrina Walton, Founder/Director, Wellness Designs


The journey into workplace wellness was a personal one for Founder/Director of Wellness Designs, Katrina Walton.

And it came after several years working at the ‘downstream’ end of the health sector very early on in her career, helping rehabilitate people with cardiovascular diseases.

She saw first-hand the effect “work” was having on them.

It stirred up a burning desire in her to help prevent these conditions by nipping the problems at one of its most common sources – the workplace.

A distinguished workplace wellness expert in Australia and on a global level, Katrina has more than 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to bring out the best in their people and their bottom line.  She develops results-oriented strategies based on her unique combination of experience both as a strategist and at the coalface as an inhouse Wellness Manager.

The number one problem facing organisations…

In our experience, many organisations don’t know where to start to fix the wellness issues they have including absenteeism, lost productivity, unhappy staff and low morale.

Developing a workplace wellness strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but business critical and Katrina’s experienced team and programs, is where you start.

5 things you may not know about Katrina Walton

1.  She is a two-time winner and finalist of the Australian HR Institute Award for Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
2.  Three-time winner of the Australian HR Award for Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
3.  She is a sought after international speaker, trainer and facilitator throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.
4.  Katrina is also a lecturer with the Centre for Environment and Population Health, Griffith University and University of Queensland
5.  A regular media contributor, her commentary pieces have been featured in national and global publications such as The Courier Mail, The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald where she talks about how a good  workplace wellness strategy can lead to productive workplaces and national economic development.

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