Mental wellness

The first red flag of burnout: chronic exhaustion

By guest contributor: Suzi McAlpine, Leadership Development Specialist and author A bit like a candle burning down, burnout is a slow burn. It doesn’t happen overnight. That’s one of the challenges in spotting it. But learning to identify the early-stage signs helps us reduce the chances of burnout going undetected. …

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Capability Building

How to leverage Wellness Champions in challenging times

We’re receiving a lot of calls currently from overwhelmed HR, safety and wellness leaders. The reason? Both they and their Executive teams are concerned about the sharp rise in employee mental health concerns, unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, and burnout as a result of the ongoing pandemic and recent lockdowns. They’re asking ‘How …

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Small business

Simple and actionable wellness strategies for Small Business Owners

By guest contributor: Anna Chipperfield, Head of People and Culture, businessDEPOT Last week, I was invited to participate and contribute in a Q&A style session with the team at Wellness Designs along with Tim Hoopman, speaker with Beyond Blue. We had a candid and authentic discussion about the challenges that …

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Special offers

Seize the moment with our 25% off EOFY Academy sale

“…now is the opportunity to seize the moment and see the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate change, to make it [health and wellbeing] a boardroom priority and take public health into the workplace.” Dame Carol Black And our dedicated Wellness Designs Academy is here to help you seize that moment …

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Workplace Environment

Another day NOT in the office: How to design thriving workspaces for work and home

It’s fair to say hybrid working is here to stay. The genie is out of the bottle so to speak. So, what does this mean from a workspace design perspective? How do we entice employees back to the office and for what purpose? And why are some workplaces still reluctant …

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Wellness trends

Download our new guide ‘Wellbeing at Work – where to from here?

We’ve learnt a lot the past 12 months. Firstly, that health REALLY does matter. Secondly, more than ever before, employee wellbeing will be a core contributor to and driver of business success. As we mark the first anniversary of WHO declaring the pandemic, faced with a ‘COVID hangover’, supporting employee …

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