Book Review: The Third Space: Dr Adam Fraser

Looking for a great wellness read over the Christmas period? Then grab a copy of Dr Adam Fraser’s latest book, ‘The Third Space’.

Inspired by two significant & traumatic experiences, Dr. Fraser, one of Australia’s leading experts in the area of human performance, explores how people effectively transition between the different roles & environments that make up our life.

Fifteen minutes prior to delivering a presentation in front of 5,000 people, Dr Fraser received the devastating news that his best friend had died unexpectedly. Coupled with helping returned soldiers from IRAQ work through transitional issues, Dr. Fraser was inspired to search for the answer to what makes people transition effectively between life’s most challenging daily scenarios.

Dr. Fraser recognised a common thread, which he coined ‘The Third Space.’ People who successfully transitioned from one scenario to another, used the transitional space in between to get over the previous scenario & not carry that baggage into the next one.  His research showed that it’s not what you DO, it’s what you do IN BETWEEN what you do, that matters.

To test the theory, Adam conducted a study with Deakin University. It showed that when 250 small business owners who were lacking work/life balance, practiced the principles of ‘The Third Space’ in between work & home, they saw a remarkable 41% improvement in their behaviour at home.

Through practical examples, Dr Adam shows how tapping into our Third Space improves productivity & performance, particularly in the workplace. It also enables people to develop resilience, allowing them to be motivated & productive following a setback.

For myself, one of my most effective Third Space strategies is my Saturday morning yoga class. It enables me to ‘de-frag’ from a hectic week, through quietening my brain, invigorating my tired body, & most importantly, refocusing on what’s important in my life.

So, make sure you pick up a copy of Dr Adam’s book, either for yourself or a loved one this xmas.

As we enter another new year, it’s a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining our ‘Third Space’ for a happy, healthy & fulfilling life.