Free Webinar – Small Business, Big Results: why investing in wellbeing is critical for a thriving business

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Let’s face it. The past 12-18 months have taken a huge toll on Australia’s 2.3 million small business owners, their teams and families.

For most, 2020 is a year they would prefer to forget. However, for others the pandemic has served as a catalyst for significant growth, leaving many small businesses facing a different type of stress.

Millions of hard-working small businesses overcome enormous obstacles every day to create value for customers, jobs for employees, and serve their communities. There’s a good reason they are known as the “engine room” of the economy.

Small businesses continue to dig deep as we navigate through the pandemic, demonstrating their grit and agility. However, more than ever before, the smartest future investment they can make is in the wellbeing of their people – their greatest asset. For small business owners particularly, they need to “put their oxygen mask on first”.

In this interactive discussion, drawing on the extensive expertise and on-the-ground insights of our panelists, we’ll delve into:

  • some of the unique current stresses facing small business and their owners
  • why investing in wellbeing is critical for business owners and their teams to thrive
  • where small businesses can access the support they need, particularly in tough times
  • how small businesses can ensure they meet their psychological health and safety obligations
  • what you can do to support small business clients

But most importantly, the session will leave small businesses, and those that support them, with a host of practical resources for integrating wellbeing into business practice.


Introducing our expert panel:

Maree Adshead, Queensland Small Business Commissioner, Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner

Maree’s role is to advocate, enable and empower small businesses to improve productivity and help drive economic growth across the state. Maree is an experienced advocate and small business owner having spent 10 years in the legal profession, as partner of a tier one national law firm. She also co-founded and built her own successful software start-up businesses, and has been instrumental in helping others to build theirs.

John Knight, Managing Director and Founder, businessDEPOT

Drawing on more than 20 years experience, John and his team at businessDEPOT are setting out to change how small-medium businesses [and the people behind them] access the advice they need to make their ideas a reality.
Dr Angela Martin, Principal Consultant, Pracademia & Adjunct Professor, College of Business & Economics, University of Tasmania

Angela is a highly experienced Industrial/Organisational Psychology researcher, educator & practitioner specialising in workplace mental health. With over 80 peer reviewed research papers focusing on creating healthier workplaces in small business, the public sector and emergency services, Angela is able to span a range of academic disciplines and work environments.




24 Jun 2021


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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