Global Wellbeing Report 2023

Survey of 14,000 people across 14 countries found 1 in 3 respondents report their wellbeing is lower than ever, even though more than two-thirds ranked their wellbeing as a top priority, only 12% said they thought theirs was where it should be. Barriers to wellbeing include no time, cost and societal pressure. Caregivers, parents, the LGBTQIA community, and people living with disabilities reported their wellbeing was worse than ever before.

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Productivity by the Numbers

This report Productivity matters for Wellbeing by the NZ Productivity Commission reveals higher productivity improves overall wellbeing by being able to spend more time with family, increasing incomes and ability to produce and afford goods that underpin a healthy life, and investment in public services such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

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Healthy Workplaces: Global Perspectives and Best Practices

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In this webinar international workplace wellness expert Wolf Kirsten from the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces reveals current global industry trends including key drivers, growth areas, metrics and challenges facing workplaces. Wolf also showcases examples of best practice employers, both large and small, from across the globe, based on the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Certification benchmarks.

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In sickness and in health: How health is perceived around the world

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A recent McKinsey Health Institute survey across 19 countries suggests people define their health much more broadly than the presence or absence of disease. Whilst physical and mental health matter, so does the degree to which people feel connected, socially valued, or have a sense of purpose, for gains in both life expectancy and quality of life.

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The Twenty Five Most Important Studies in Workplace Health Promotion

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This recently curated list of the 25 most important studies in Workplace Health Promotion by Paul Terry published in the American Journal of Health Promotion and suggests that ‘...researchers are waning in their interest in how health affects work productivity and healthcare costs and waxing in their considerations of how work affects well-being".

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Chapter 6: Global Concept: Health

This OHS BoK book chapter explains how the concept of health has expanded to include psychological health as well as physical health, and the replacement of the traditionally dominant OHS safety paradigm with a holistic health paradigm inclusive of safety. It also draws on the workplace impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to illustrate application of the model.

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