How to keep the wellness flame burning

Has your wellness program lost it’s spark? 

Are your programs poorly attended, & the same ‘healthy’ employees turning up each time?
Have your employees ‘seen it’ & ‘done it’ before?
Have you lost touch with what your employees really want?

If you’re nodding to the above questions, it’s time to reassess, reclaim & reinvigorate your wellness program!

Whilst starting a wellness program is relatively easy, sustaining a program requires ongoing investmentin time & resources. This is without the added challenges of a busy work environment, staff changes & competing priorities!

However, one thing doesn’t change – your employees are your number one asset. Take care of your employees’ wellness, & your organisation’s wellness will also benefit.

So, how do you keep the wellness flame burning, particularly for long-standing programs?


TIP #1 – Ensure your program is hitting the mark

Make sure you have a understanding of the current needs & interests of your employees. Employees are dynamic & ever-changing, & hence, so must your wellness program. Survey your staff, seek feedback from your Wellness Committee (or stakeholders) & evaluate your wellness efforts. What were employees most excited about in last year’s program? If employees are still talking about the chair massage they received at the wellness expo, that’s your first clue!

TIP #2 – Ensure sufficient budget & resources

A Wellness program is not going to run itself! Whilst there are many low cost options that can be delivered under the wellness banner, resources will still need to be invested to achieve maximum participation & results. Smart investments in quality staff & /or programs will be critical for your program’s success.

TIP #3 – Check your wellness barometer

Does your management team view your wellness program as a ‘perk’ or ‘nice-to-have’? Lack of management support can be the ‘make or break’ for a successful program. Click here for our recent article on this topic.

Tip #4 – Integrate wellness into the “DNA” of your organisation

Make “healthy choices the easy choices” in your organisation through creating a supportive wellness environment (e.g. smoke-free workplace) & culture. Only then can wellness become ‘business as usual’ in your organisation.

TIP #5 – Use Carrots

Look for individual or team-based incentives to encourage & reward employee participation. Sample low-cost incentives include flexible working arrangements to encourage staff participation, or team-based wellness challenges to bring out that competitive streak!

TIP #6 – Keep it fresh!

Keep up to date with the latest wellness & industry news to ensure your program remains at the forefront. Benchmark & share ideas with like-minded organisations, & learn from each other!

TIP #7 – Celebrate success

Celebrate program milestones or successes through ‘good news’ stories. Feature testimonials, case studies or articles in your company newsletter, intranet or local media.

TIP #8 – Be realistic

Remember the old adage, quality not quantity. Don’t stretch your wellness efforts too thin, & concentrate on programs which will provide the best value-on-investment.

TIP #9 – Be persistent!

Wellness programs are not without their challenges. They are a significant undertaking, & require constant attention & resources to achieve their potential. Nonetheless, I have yet to hear of an organisation that has regretted their wellness efforts.

Tip # 10 – Be patient!

It won’t happen overnight! Research & experience shows it takes 3-5 years to build a wellness program. Stick with it, & reap the benefits.