Kickstart your morning with the perfect (and sustainable) cuppa

Those who know me will know I enjoy a good strong coffee (or two!). A number of years ago, I watched a thought provoking documentary on the ABC called Black Coffee, which traced the unique & volatile history of this irresistible bean. As the second most traded legal commodity on Earth, it provides a livelihood for over 25 million people, & the enjoyment of millions more.

The documentary took viewers us on a journey from when this elixir was discovered on an ancient Ethiopian hillside to it’s triumphant spread over five continents, sparking revolution, controversy, creativity, business & slavery.

This documentary struck a real chord with me. It not only gave me a new appreciation for this precious bean, & the journey to achieve the ‘perfect cup’, but the importance of supporting Fairtrade to ensure better prices, working conditions & local sustainability for coffee producers around the globe.

Which begs the question, is your tea room stocked with Fairtrade coffee & tea? If not, it’s an easy switch. Click here to see where to buy Fairtrade Certified products in bulk.