Seasonal Safe Plan

This online planning tool helps workers stay comfortable and safe from the effects of the summer environment. These can include extreme weather, sun exposure, heat, bushfires or smoke. Plan for where, how, and when workers perform their duties and help them make quick decisions when faced with changes in weather conditions.

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WHS Radar 2023

The latest WHS Radar from the Centre for Work Health and Safety NSW reveal an increasing level of psychosocial harm in the workplace and an increase in flexible work is seeing benefits for worker mental health and increased feelings of isolation simultaneously.

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Here2Talk is a free and confidential phone support line to help manage workplace stress. Employees and employers can use this service, which is ideal for businesses without an HR department or Employee Assistance Program. Help your employees feel supported in the workplace by letting them know they can speak to someone at Hear2Talk on 1300 428 255.

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Regional resource kit

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Regional and remote businesses face unique challenges that impact workplace mental health.This NSW Government resource kit has tailored advice and resources for regional businesses to promote, manage and support mental health at work.

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