Most of us are guilty of it

Most of us are guilty of it. I know I am. Sitting too much. We now sit for longer than we sleep each day. We’ve known for some time that excessive sitting has been linked to diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, musculoskeletal problems & even early death.So detrimental are the health effects, it’s been labeled ‘the new smoking’.

We are becoming increasingly sedentary in both our personal & working lives creating a double-whammy effect. The transport industry, highly mechanised roles & office-based employees are particularly at risk.

Think exercising every day gets you off the hook? Think again. Those like myself who exercise daily are just as much at risk. New guidelines released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine urge employers to change their workplace culture & practices to avoid prolonged periods of sedentary work. The guidelines recommend desk-based workers spend at least two hours of their working day standing, gradually progressing to a total of 4 hours per day. For an in-depth review of the guidelines click here.

So what can you do to encourage your employees to quit the sit? Check out the recent television episode on 60 minutesclick here for an excellent Youtube clip from VicHealth, download the workplace toolkit from Comcare or read here the great blog post by our guest contributor Anetta Pizag.

I’m currently undertaking the exciting task of designing our new office from scratch. It’s not often that you get such an opportunity. I’m looking forward to putting some of these tips into practice to create a work space that will enable us to thrive in all respects!

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