Recycling – is your workplace getting it right?

Firstly the good news! When it comes to disposing of our everyday household recyclables such as paper, cardboard & plastic bottles, more than 90 percent of Australians are getting it right.

However, when it comes to recycling e-waste items such as printer cartridges, we still have a long way to go. In fact, according to recent research conducted through Planet Ark, almost 50 percent of us are getting it wrong.

The study found that 33 percent of us throw our used printer cartridges in the general waste bin. A further 14 percent place them in their council provided recycling bin.

Printer cartridges are made up of plastics, metals, foam, ink & toner. Throwing them in landfill, or placing them in the wrong recycling bin, represents a waste of resources & contributes to the growing problem of electronic waste. Recycling your cartridges can help to reduce this waste.

Cartridges 4 Planet Ark‘ is an innovative recycling program that provides a free, easy & environmentally-accredited way to recycle our used printer cartridges. Last year the program celebrated 10 years of recycling, in which time over 20 million printer cartridges have been recycled.

So, how can you make your home or workplace a little greener? Always dispose of your used printer cartridges correctly or register your workplace for a Planet Ark collection box.