A Resource for Small Business on the Positive Duty under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) (2023)

The Australian Human Rights Commission has created a resource with tips and 7 guiding principles for small business owners to help meet their obligations under the Sex Discrimination Act. They also discuss risk factors and underlying causes for this to occur.

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Carer-Inclusive Workplace Initiative

The Federal Government Carer-Inclusive Workplace Initiative aims to increase workforce participation among carers and help employers provide better support to this vital demographic. It provides organisations with a self-assessment tool so they can consider how their existing policies and practices relate to being carer-inclusive, and access to resources and learning modules to consider how they might improve their approach.

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Tough Talk

Men's mental health resources focus on improving the mental health of New Zealanders by removing the stigma surrounding men talking about feelings. This includes providing therapeutic tools and talking to Kiwi men from all over the country about their experiences with mental health.

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Te Pou 

Te Pou provides practical resources to assist health workers to maintain their wellbeing and respond effectively to people accessing health care. Resources include Māori and other cultural models of health, and a range of videos by health sector workers reflecting on how they maintain their wellbeing, contribute to a healthy workplace, and ask for support.

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Services Guide for Financial & Mental Wellbeing (2023)

This resource from Beyond Blue and Financial Counselling Australia has been designed for service providers and businesses working directly with people experiencing financial hardship. It explores the links between financial and mental wellbeing and offers practical tools, looks at turning points as catalysts and identifies opportunities to support people.

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Mental Notes

Comcare's program aims to raise awareness of mental health-related stigma, increase manager/supervisor knowledge and skills to support workers’ mental health, and encourage support and help-seeking behaviour early.

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