Save trees, paper & money

Save trees, paper & money!

Some interesting paper facts..

  • Each year, the average Australian office worker uses a staggering 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, most of which comes from native forests
  • It takes 24 trees to create just one tonne of virgin office paper
  • Each tonne of paper that is recycled saves 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100 kWh of electricity, 4 cubic metres of landfill & 31,780 litres of water.

By simply printing double-sided (easily set up in your printer options!), you can halve your paper costs & save over 1 tonne of greenhouse gases for every 100 reams of paper.  For other paper-saving strategies, click here to visit the Resource Smart website.

Source: Resource Smart,