Simple and actionable wellness strategies for Small Business Owners

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By guest contributor: Anna Chipperfield, Head of People and Culture, businessDEPOT

Last week, I was invited to participate and contribute in a Q&A style session with the team at Wellness Designs along with Tim Hoopman, speaker with Beyond Blue. We had a candid and authentic discussion about the challenges that Small Business Owners (SBOs) can have juggling all of the things that makes up a day in the life of a SBO and their teams.

It was interesting to hear at the start of the session that there was a big list of SBOs who sent their apologies and were unable to make the session in the end and were looking forward to hearing the recording.

This triggered a reaction from us and the team at Wellness Designs.  The trigger was based on the fact that we are talking about Mental Health and Wellbeing and there was concern that many busy SBOs will forget to make time to even watch the recording??

Here are a few reasons why you should listen to this recording:

Tim talked about the simple things like, your thoughts, your sleep, exercise and taking time out.  Coupled with this we talked about boundaries for SBOs and creating habits.

I talked about the types of issues and matters that SBOs were coming to businessDEPOT for and why some of these things were causing them stress, or triggering stress.

We had a great conversation about the things SBOs could be blissfully unaware of and if they are not getting help, support or guidance these things may cause stress at some point.

We talked about planning and balance and provided great tips for SBOs to consider that will help with their overall balance.  It’s not all about business, we have a life too right?

We chatted about teams and their wellbeing and how SBOs could ramp up these conversations and make them more part of the everyday. 

We also talked about great resources for SBOs who may be struggling with their wellbeing. 

So, if you are a SBOs who is juggling a bunch of balls in the air and wondering how you will find the time.  Remember, if you fall over or become unwell, the balls will come crashing down around you.  Therefore if all you do is invest one hour to listen or watch this webinar, not only will you feel connected to others but you will take away some great practical tips or reminders to help you manage your wellbeing and your business.

To tune into this recording of this exclusive The Hub Q&A blockbuster, click here. You can also grab a copy of Wellness Designs new ‘Small Business & Wellbeing Resource Guide’ to help you and your teams navigate to the support you need.

For a sneak peek of the episode, see below!

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Anna Chipperfield, Head of People and Culture, businessDEPOT

After years of managing, developing and building teams in both corporate and SME businesses, Anna now focuses her time on helping SME’s do the same. Anna has a passion for creating and maintaining a working environment where people are engaged and they feel they are contributing to something bigger, while enjoying their work.

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