Snacking culture is changing to healthier, more convenient options

Learn How Your Workplace Can Meet This Demand for a More Engaged Workplace

What does snacking mean to Australian consumers? Simply put, it’s a part of most all of their daily lives, featuring prominently in what they consume. Australia is a country of snackers. In fact, a report from the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) found that two-thirds of residents snack between meals. The most popular time to snack is mid-afternoon, which is prime time for a workplace.

The GAIN study also found that Australians are focusing on eating more natural, fresh and unprocessed food. Consumers also realise that portion sizes need to be smaller and are making healthy snacking a goal.

While this has become a priority for consumers, it would be misleading without context. In the changing landscape of snacking, healthy options are greatly desired. However, much research and data underlines all of this with the factor of convenience. More often than not, time-pressed snackers will choose what’s easy. Is there a way for snacks to be both healthy and convenient? Let’s take a look at the changing landscape of snacking and the solutions to meet these two needs.

Australian Food Priorities

Australians want to eat more fruits and vegetables and made it their top priority, according to Foods Consumption, Habits, Attitudes and Trends from global research firm Ipsos. The other top trends rounding out the top five were:

•          Eating smaller portions

•          Reducing sugar intake

•          Snacking healthier

•          Limiting fatty foods

While Australians have good intentions, the research also found that 72% of shoppers place a higher emphasis on taste than any other attribute when purchasing food. Price is the second most important driver.

This indicates that even though consumers understand the importance of eating healthy, they are still placing more focus on taste and cost. Convenience is also a key element of what they choose to purchase and eat.

The priority to reduce sugar isn’t always easy to abide by. While 50% of Australians agreed that packaged goods have too much sugar, only 25% have tried to reduce their sugar intake.

There is still a focus on snacking, and the study from Ipsos reiterates the GAIN findings, that two-thirds of Australians snack between meals. But how will they find healthier snacks? Is convenience really the tipping point when faced with a decision? Do they cut up that apple that brought in or grab chips from the vending machine?

As most snackers eat while at work, how can the workplace encourage better snacking habits? Where does the role of the employer come into play? It’s been proven by countless reports that eating healthy creates a more productive workplace versus the effects of sugar and carbs.

The answer is to offer healthier options through healthy snack delivery. Offering snacks that have natural ingredients and are conveniently to eat is imperative to helping your employees make good food choices. Lead them away from the candy bars and salty snacks most often found in vending machines. With healthy snack delivery, you can even find options for all those with dietary preferences like vegan food delivery.

Snacking’s Fastest Growing Segment Is Healthy

So, how do we know that consumers are really eating healthier snacks? It’s all in the numbers. IBISWorld found that healthy snack food production was the fastest growing segment with an annual increase of 3 percent. Snacking, of course, has evolved greatly and can often be the way consumers eat on a daily basis versus three meals a day. This push toward healthier includes dietary restrictions and requirements like low fat, sugar and salt, as well as the demand for organic, gluten-free and vegan options.

Answering the Change in Snacking Culture in the Workplace

This is a major hurdle you’ve probably encountered in your workplace. Tight schedules leave little time for a long lunch break. In fact, you’ll discover that a lot of data points toward some consumers using snacks as meals. Because you are dedicated to creating a workplace that’s effective, efficient and worker-focused, it makes sense to be concerned about snacking and the options you now provide. In this post, you’ll receive a great review of the trends and how you can meet the demand of your workforce with healthy snack delivery.

Snacking Trends in Context

With two-thirds of the population snacking regularly, it’s a good idea to look at this data in context. The findings indicate that Australians snack four times more than they did 10 years ago. This trend is strong and will only continue to grow. Snackers are getting smarter, too. According to a Project Harvest report, consumers have more knowledge of and expectations for their food’s nutritional value. With knowledge often comes better options, but this isn’t always the case, especially for those with busy schedules.

If your employees have days with tight schedules, they still need to eat. And they want to eat better. Time is of the essence. Whatever is close by is likely to be what they grab. In this key moment of decision-making, can you play the hero? Bringing healthy and convenience together? It’s possible — with healthy snack delivery.

Because your workforce more than likely is more aware and cognisant of what they are putting into their bodies, the last barrier to break is convenience. It’s not always easy to get fresh foods when you’re busy. In fact, it is about impossible. While fresh foods have great health benefits, they lack the convenience factor. Many may think that any packaged goods are automatically bad for you. Not, as food manufacturers have seen the shift in snacking, they’ve stepped up to the plate to deliver foods low in sugar and high in protein, having also taken out preservatives and other unhealthy additives.

With healthy snack delivery, you’ll get these very options. Being healthy and preservative-free doesn’t equal a bad taste. Healthy food can taste good — it’s all about the right ingredients. Simple and clean are the biggest attributes guiding healthy snack products.

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Conor Reynolds

Conor Reynolds is a corporate health and well-being expert, as well as the founder of SnackWize … Australia’s #1 monthly subscription healthy snack service that delivers healthy snacks straight to your office. Previously head of marketing and business development for Healthwise Global, Flight Centre’s corporate health subsidiary, Conor juggled this full-time job while building his SnackWize business. Conor can help make your office happier, healthier & more engaged by providing a range of nutritionist approved healthy snack boxes.