The leadership edge for thriving in a complex world

An organisation is only as healthy as its employees.

As leaders strive to navigate the future of work post COVID, employee wellbeing has become one of the undisputed challenges for organisations across the globe.

Investing in employee wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but business critical.

However, cultivating a wellbeing focused culture requires strategic leadership, including how to:

  • Identify, analyse and mitigate physical, psychological, social and environmental risks for your teams and organisation

The post COVID world requires exploring and addressing the changing nature of how and where we work, leaner teams, higher stress levels and a world full of increasing complexity. Through proactively addressing these issues, leaders can enhance physical and mental capacity, boost employee engagement and reduce the likelihood of other negative flow ons for both themselves and the business.

  • Creating a results-oriented wellbeing strategy that aligns to and supports business goals

This requires leaders to have an in-depth understanding of key principles and leading-edge global practice for developing an employee wellness strategy that works and sticks – at an individual, team and organisational level.

  • Optimise personal wellbeing to maintain effective and sustainable leadership

Ultimately, leaders need to be well to lead well. By prioritising wellbeing and understanding some of the key personal drivers, leaders can learn how to alleviate loneliness, work life conflict and physical and mental stress, that can sometimes be a part of senior leadership roles.

Which is why we’re proud to be partnering with Deakin University to launch a new MBA Masterclass ‘Work and Wellbeing – leadership essentials for fostering thriving teams and organisations’ commencing Wednesday 26th August 2020.  This practical Masterclass led by an expert panel with over 65+ collective experience, will position leaders as change agents for work wellbeing, providing a critical competitive edge for both the organisations in which individuals lead, and in their personal careers.

For further details, and to register, click here.