Fathering Identities and Men’s Engagement With Flexible Working Arrangements (2024)

New research from Western Sydney University researchers shows how men's identity as a father shapes their engagement with flexible working for caring, and that although fathers want and need flexibility, there still exists some tension between men modifying work for care and expectations for them to be 'ideal workers'.

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Lets protect respect

This 'let's protect respect' campaign is designed to empower industries to take positive action to embrace gender equality and ensure sexism and unfair treatment has no place in the workplace. It includes a host of information and resources for individuals and workplace leaders.

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New Zealand Workplace Diversity Survey 2023

Key findings include ethnicity, gender and Rainbow/LGBTQ+ were ranked as the diversity dimensions considered most important by respondents, wellbeing and mental health and te ao Māori were important DEI related topics, whilst gender, ethnicity and age are the 3 diversity dimensions for which data is most commonly collected. The most common DEI initiatives in organisations were celebrations of diversity, followed by work on DEI-related policies.

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Te Pou 

Te Pou provides practical resources to assist health workers to maintain their wellbeing and respond effectively to people accessing health care. Resources include Māori and other cultural models of health, and a range of videos by health sector workers reflecting on how they maintain their wellbeing, contribute to a healthy workplace, and ask for support.

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