AHRI Quarterly Australian Work Outlook: June Quarter 2024

This report highlights employers' views that almost one in five Australian workers are not proficient in their role and a majority (57%) believe skills gaps are having a negative impact on their organisation’s productivity. Employers are responding to these challenges with higher levels of investment in skills, with 37% reporting they plan to increase training investment over the next 12 months The report also takes a closer look at the ongoing high employee turnover rates across Australian workplaces.

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2024 Global Human Capital Trends

The latest survey of over 14,000 respondents across 95 countries reveals that a focus on the human factor is emerging as the bridge between knowing what shifts are shaping the future of work and doing things to make real progress. It explores how the more boundaryless work becomes, the more important uniquely human capabilities‚ÄĒlike empathy and curiosity‚ÄĒ will become.

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AHRI’s Quarterly Australian Work Outlook (2023)

This report with insights from 600+ senior business and HR decision-makers examines recruitment intentions and challenges, employee turnover, redundancy and pay intentions, together with sentiment around productivity, training and performance in Australian workplaces. Recruitment remains a concern for employers.

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2023 HR Industry Benchmark Report

In the latest Elmo HR Industry Benchmark survey of 700 Australian HR professionals, employee wellness remained in the top 3 priorities for 2023. Workplace health and safety jumped from fifth to first priority, which was attributed to increased requirements for employers to identify and reduce psychosocial risks, as well as harsher penalties.

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In January 2017, Maxima formalised a Healthy Lifestyles program by forming a Healthy Lifestyle Committee. Three key drivers provided the impetus to create a coordinated program; office centralisation and relocation, a Human Resource work experience student and access to BUPA (a corporate affiliate) health funds. This case study guides us through the steps taken and achievements to date.

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