Collaborative Partnership

Too many Australians leave work due to ill health, injury or disability. The Collaborative Partnership by Comcare was formed to understand work participation and identify the barriers in our systems and culture to enable more Australians to engage in good work. All reports are available here.

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Mental Notes

Comcare's program aims to raise awareness of mental health-related stigma, increase manager/supervisor knowledge and skills to support workers’ mental health, and encourage support and help-seeking behaviour early.

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Career Transition Series

This 9 part Career Transition Guides series developed by Transitioning Well through the National Workplace Initiative supports people through times of major change such as having a baby, a career transition, a personal crisis or significant event, or retiring from the workforce altogether.

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Another day NOT at the office: How to design thriving workspaces for work and home

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It’s fair to say hybrid working is here to stay. The genie is out of the bottle so to speak. So, what does this mean from a workspace design perspective? How do we entice employees back to the office and for what purpose? And why are some workplaces still reluctant to embrace a more flexible and agile way of working? (“but it worked so well before” they say).

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