Reframing employee health: Moving beyond burnout to holistic health (2023)

This survey across 30 countries offers insights into how organisations can prioritise physical, mental, social, and spiritual health to improve employee health and performance. Good holistic health was most strongly predicted by workplace enablers, while burnout was strongly predicted by workplace demands. Job design interventions at the organisational, team, job, and individual levels can boost employee health.

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Understanding Wellbeing in the Residential Construction Industry (2022)

This research from the Mental Health Foundation NZ looks at understanding the pressures workers face in the residential construction industry and what could help and hinder their wellbeing. It also captures a range of ways to managing these challenges and the best channels to reach builders and tradies.

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Workplace Wellness Report 2023

In their latest report, half of businesses surveyed reported an increase in employee stress, with financial concerns leading non-work issues, and workload and long hours as work related. More organisations have processes in place to support employees, with nearly all seeing work from home as positive. However the median annual cost of absence has increased.

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AHRI’s Quarterly Australian Work Outlook (2023)

This report with insights from 600+ senior business and HR decision-makers examines recruitment intentions and challenges, employee turnover, redundancy and pay intentions, together with sentiment around productivity, training and performance in Australian workplaces. Recruitment remains a concern for employers.

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Productivity by the Numbers

This report Productivity matters for Wellbeing by the NZ Productivity Commission reveals higher productivity improves overall wellbeing by being able to spend more time with family, increasing incomes and ability to produce and afford goods that underpin a healthy life, and investment in public services such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

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WHS Radar 2023

The latest WHS Radar from the Centre for Work Health and Safety NSW reveal an increasing level of psychosocial harm in the workplace and an increase in flexible work is seeing benefits for worker mental health and increased feelings of isolation simultaneously.

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Umbrella Wellbeing Report (2023)

Numbers and data can help us tell a story. In this report we use Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment data to tell a story about how New Zealanders perceive their workload and the impact overwork, and underwork, can have on individual and workplace wellbeing. We also use the numbers to explain how decision-makers and business leaders can manage workload to create mentally healthy and high-performing workplaces.

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2023 Global Survey Report: Workplace Health and Wellbeing Priorities

This survey of 600 HR and Benefits Leaders reveals their plans and employee wellbeing experiences, with 71% reporting a clear return-on-investment from their workplace wellbeing efforts, with a healthy workforce and increased employee engagement as the 2 main drivers. Two-thirds of businesses rated mental health and work-related stress as their current biggest challenges.

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