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Wellness at work starts at the grassroots

When employees are healthy and well, the benefits extend to the organisation as a whole.

We have found the most effective organisational wellness strategy is that supported by a motivated and dedicated group of ‘Wellness Champions’ at the grassroots level.

Supporting those leading the wellness strategy, Champions play a key day-to-day role in providing peer-to-peer support, increasing awareness of wellness opportunities, and bolstering engagement across locations, shifts and other divides.

The Wellness Designs Champions face-to-face (half or full-day) or virtual training (2.5hrs) is designed to educate and empower your nominated department or site-based Wellness Champions.


This inhouse workshop is ideal for onboarding new Wellness Champions or as formal training for an existing network. It is held in a small group of 10-25 Champions.

The key takeaways include:

 The What, Why and How of wellness at work.
The important role Champions play in supporting the everyday wellness of their colleagues.
Practical strategies for maximising engagement and overcoming barriers for participation.
>  A tailored action plan the champions can implement in their area immediately (full-day course only)

The workshop includes:
 Pre-workshop briefing (30-60mins)
Participant Champions Toolkit
Workshop evaluation report
>  BONUS Champions Recruitment Kit for organisation
>  Optional follow-up support services

This workshop will leave your Champions ready, inspired and motivated to be change agents at the grassroots level.


Wellness Champions are trusted, positive volunteer employees at a site or team level who are responsible for supporting the delivery of your organisation’s wellness strategy and helping to engage their fellow peers.

They are ultimately champions of the cause. Wellness Champions make it personal, real and easier to promote and co-ordinate wellness initiatives across locations, shifts and other divides.

Ultimately, champions serve to:

Maximise engagement
and reach

Provide peer

Share the workload

Positively role model &
influence health behaviours
Bring unique strengths
and energy
Be the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’

Nurture a wellness culture

Serve as the ‘glue’
for your strategy

The champions gave us insights we wouldn't necessarily have ~ Bupa


 Champions Toolkit
This dedicated toolkit contains all the resources your Champions need to be effective in carrying out their duties.

The toolkit includes:
 Wellness Designs eco carry bag to take everything home in (face-to-face workshops)
Champions workbook for use on the day and as an ongoing reference
>  Copies of existing company wellness collateral (e.g. EAP brochure) so they’re well equipped to champion
>  Community wellness resources (various)
>  Co-branded Certificate of Completion to display with pride

Plus, you get a photo of everyone at the end of the session zooming off to spread the wellness message back in their departments to use in your newsletter and/or intranet.

BONUS Champions Recruitment Kit 
You will also receive a free Recruitment Kit to help you enlist the right Champions for your network. 

Your toolkit includes:
 7 Step Guide for Building Your Dream Wellness Champions Network ebook
>  Manager Briefing Pack designed to help you recruit a passionate and suitable Wellness Champion for your site(s)
>  Champions invitation email template so you can quickly and persuasively invite new Champions to join you
>  Sample position description that you can tweak to suit your specific requirements
>  Sample role advertisement to save you time and get advertising quickly
>  Sample nomination form that you can plug-and-play into your recruitment drive

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Additional support options
To further embed key learnings from the training, we also offer the following optional support mechanisms following the training:

1. Wellness Designs Champions webinar (1 hour)
This can be co-facilitated with client representatives via a live and/or recorded webinar. It is perfect for those unable to attend the initial training due to distance or timing, for onboarding, or as a refresher for existing Champions. It can include a live or recorded video introduction by leaders and/or stakeholders.

2. Wellness Designs Champions Momentum Webcasts and/or group mentoring
Facilitated by our experienced trainers, these interactive webcasts can serve to continue and build momentum following the initial training. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, solve problems and get inspired. Sessions can also include a guest appearance from one of our expert associates, to further delve into hot health and wellness topics (e.g. mental health awareness).


“Wellness Designs really understand our business, our culture, and intrinsically what we’re trying to achieve”

Sean Silvey, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Bupa

‘..the training was really essential to get the right people into the network’

Julia Cohen, Director Safety Health & Wellbeing, University of Sydney

“when you get the right people with the right frame of mind….the sky’s the limit”

Brett Leadbetter, Education Officer, Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba


Are you ready to champion wellness in your organisation?