Be a change agent for workforce wellness

A leader leads by example, whether they intend to or not’. — Unknown 

FACT 1: Strong leadership is important to any organisation as leaders set a clear direction for others to follow. They are the change agents.
FACT 2: Employees are 2.87 times more likely to participate in wellness offerings if they perceive it is expected by their manager (Rongen et al, 2014)

Workplace wellness is now a global movement and it’s changing the face of organisations everywhere.

‘Wellness at work is the right to work in a manner that is healthy, motivating, and edifying. Everyone – workers, managers, and business owners – should endeavour to work in a way that improves our own wellness and the wellbeing of others’. (‘Future of Wellness at Work’ research report by the Global Wellness Institute)

Research and experience indicate the wellness of a business is intrinsically linked to a leader’s wellness and state of mind – positive or negative.

When an organisation’s leaders are happy and healthy, the organisation will take on the same traits. There are fewer sick days, high staff morale and increased productivity.

The same also applies when there is negativity in the workplace, then generally there will be more absenteeism, unhappy staff and low productivity.

Leaders subsequently serve as the barometer of an organisation.

The Wellness Designs Leaders training is therefore a key first step on your journey to fostering a healthy and thriving workplace.

‘Executive health is not simply a personal issue; it has collective consequences for all members of any organisation who depend upon the strength, experience, skills, and insights of its leaders.’

~ James Campbell Quick and Cary L. Cooper (2008), Managing Executive Health.


In the climb to corporate success, many business leaders typically:

>  Have lives that are unbalanced – the demanding nature of leadership roles often takes a toll on work-life balance with an inability to excel in either. This leads to physical and emotional stress, a decline in productivity, and often a negative flow on to family life.

>  Face many health risks – a leaders lifestyle can be filled with many pitfalls – working long hours without taking breaks, high levels of stress, extensive travel and a sedentary lifestyle – which can negatively impact the performance and wellness of business leaders. This leads to reduced physical and mental capacity, absenteeism and other negative flow ons for both the leader and business.

>  Neglect personal relationships – a disregard for personal wellness, coupled with a sense of social isolation and loneliness at the top, can result in emotional instability which can be exhibited through aggressiveness, irritability and poor relationships with other employees. This can be a serious demoraliser in any workplace.

Much like a high performance car, leaders need to take special care of themselves to perform at their best. Furthermore, for a workplace wellness strategy to succeed, senior leaders must ‘walk-the-talk’ and serve as effective wellness role models.


The Wellness Designs Leaders training is designed to position your leaders as change agents for your workplace wellness strategy and harness a wellness culture.

The key takeaways include the following:

>  A deep understanding of why personal wellness is a critical foundation for effective leadership.
>  An assessment of personal wellness strengths – emotional, physical, financial, occupational and social; and opportunities for improvement.
>  Benefits of investing in a workplace wellness strategy including improved workplace morale, productivity, engagement and overall uplift of an organisation’s financial fortunes.
>  Ways senior leaders can drive participation in workplace wellness as role models and cultural influencers.

The workshop includes:

>  Pre-workshop briefing
>  Participant workbook
>  Workshop evaluation report
>  Optional follow-up consultancy service

Face-to-face workshop (minimum 10 and maximum 25 per session) and webinars (maximum 100 participants)


This training is ideal for your senior leaders or middle management, either to launch your company’s health and wellness strategy, or as an extension of existing leadership training.


Ready to be a change agent for a healthy business?