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We’ve learnt a lot the past 12 months

Firstly, that health REALLY does matter.

Secondly, more than ever before, employee wellbeing will be a core contributor to and driver of business success.

As we mark the first anniversary of WHO declaring the pandemic, faced with a ‘COVID hangover’, supporting employee wellbeing continues to be undisputed challenges for employers. This includes grappling with seismic changes as to how and where we work.

However, whilst the past year has been challenging for us all, it has also provided an opportunity to reimagine the future of work.

So, what did 2020 teach us and how will this influence how we approach wellbeing at work in 2021 and beyond?

We asked our esteemed Faculty (our “brains trust”) for their take.

From rising levels of mental health issues and burnout, to what constitutes good work, managing a hybrid and remote workforce, the importance of adopting a life stage approach, and addressing cultural challenges to name a few insights and predictions they share.

After navigating the ‘high seas’ of the past 12 months, we hope their expert insights provide you with some guidance, inspiration and confidence that you’re on the right track in planning your organisation’s wellness strategy.

Yours in wellness

Where to from here for workplace wellbeing?

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