You are the wellness barometer!

In a recent newsletter, we outlined how to awaken the “Wellness Warrior”, & capture senior management support to initiate & drive your wellness efforts. As discussed, this is ultimately the ‘make or break’ for a successful corporate wellness program.

I recently read a book by Andrew Griffiths entitled 101 Ways to Have a Business & a Life’ (the never-ending goal of most business owners!), which summed this up perfectly.  He describes how the business owner or leader, sets the mood for the culture within the organisation, or in other words, serves as the ‘barometer’.

Andrew highlights how the wellbeing of a business is intrinsically linked to a leader’s wellbeing & state of mind, positive or negative. He identifies that if a person at the top smokes, there is generally more smokers in the business & the same goes for heavy drinking or a negative attitude. He suggests this may be a case of like attracting like, or characteristics of certain industries.

Fortunately this also works in the reverse! In my 15 years within the industry, I’ve seen the power of  a CEO ‘walking the talk’, & it’s positive flow on to employee wellbeing. A perfect example is an email I cited recently from the CEO of a large private hospital. The email was distributed to all staff promoting the onsite weekly yoga class, including a testimonial from the CEO praising the benefits, both physically & mentally, which he gains from his weekly yoga ‘escape’. There’s no doubt this resulted in a higher demand for yoga mats at this weekly class! (As a long-time yoga devotee, I encourage you to sign up for a yoga class today. It will change your life!).